Awardees 2011



Dr. Stefan Frädrich

Best Brand

Everybody knows it and everybody had to fight it before: one's weaker self. With his cartoon character Günther, a little dog that stands for all one's inner obstacles, Global Top Speaker Dr. Stefan Frädrich gave it a face and a name! The placid little doggie became Frädrich's brand and since then has been causing a revolution in self-motiviation and overcoming one's weaker self on many stages and in numerous publications as well. In 2011, Dr. Stefan Frädrich was rewarded for this accomplishment and was presented with the Global Top Speaker's Award in the category "Best Brand".

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Martin Tomczyk

Best Newcomer

The famous speaker and DTM (German Touring Championship) motor athlete of the Audi team Martin Tomczyk received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Newcomer" in 2011 for his great lectures in which he shows parallels between motor sports and business and inspires companies not only with his sportsmanship and team spirit but with his natural style as well.

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Franz Alt

Most Outstanding Speaker

The TV journalist and speaker Franz Alt received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Most Outstanding Speaker" in 2011. Being an expert on climate change, ecology, peace and human rights, he regularly sees to the meaningful exchange of ideas on stage and beyond. He is also known as a close confidant of the Dalai Lama and always succeeds in making his sought-after lectures inspiring and touching at the same time. In recognition of his achievements, he has also received a great number of other awards, such as the" Rudolf-Grimme-Preis", a German award for high profile TV reports, or the "Umweltpreis der Deutschen Wirtschaft" (Environmental Award of the German Economy).


Jörg Löhr

Best Media

The success speaker and motivational expert Jörg Löhr received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Media" in 2011. Jörg Löhr is a top speaker from professional sports and represents the motto "Live your Strength". His books, either "30 Minuten für mehr Erfolg" (30 Minutes for more success) or "Die besten Ideen für eine starke Persönlichkeit" (The best ideas for a strong personality), are a valuable help to many people, assisting them in discovering their own strength. However, those who prefer being served bite by bite can find "Magic Moments of Success" in Löhr's annual calendar every day.

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Sven Gábor Jánszky

Best Performer

He is a whizz on stage: Sven Gábor Jánszky. His presentations are in high demand all over Germany and beyond. The futurologist is a trend messenger, a visionary and an entertainer all in one. With his inspiring presentations, he always succeeds in sweeping along every company whatsoever - always bringing along the latest trends, adapted to the industry of the respective customer, of course. Sven Gábor Jánszky takes his audience along on a journey to the future and no matter whether working or living environment, he never ceases to amaze. For his extraordinary achievements as a public speaker, he was presented with the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Performer" in 2011.

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Dr. Dominique Görlitz

Special Award: Extraordinary Achievements outside the Speakers' Scene

Hardly anybody would have thought it possible but he had the motivation and the courage to cross the North Atlantic from New York to Spain in a prehistoric boat made of reed (ABORA) within only two weeks. Together with eight men and two women and sharing a living space of 40 m², the Global Top Speaker Dr. Dominique Görlitz mastered 13 storms, waves that were metres high and a force 10 wind. For his extraordinary accomplishments outside the speakers scene, the extreme sailor and experimental archaeologist Dr. Görlitz was awarded the Global Top Speakers Special Award in 2011 . Dr. Görlitz always dedicates his love of adventure to the service of science and society.

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Michael Moesslang

Bestseller Book

In 2010, Global Top Speaker and presentation expert Michael Moesslang was awarded the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Bestseller Book" for the bestselling book in the Global Top Speakers shop: „So würde Hitchcock präsentieren“ (This is how Hitchcock would do a presentation). The run on the master of suspense in black and white continued on for some time and resulted in many a reader's entertaining presentation that could have come straight from a movie.

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Friedhelm Wachs

Most Wanted App

In 2011, the Global Top Speakers Award in the category „Most wanted App“ went to negotiation expert Friedhelm Wachs for his app „Negotiation Techniques" which - right after its release in the app store - broke all records. Due to its extraordinary success, the app was also produced in English in order to be available all over the world for the improvement of one's negotiating power.

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