Awardees 2012



Bernhard Wolff

Best Brand

He arouses the interest in new ideas and provides the ideal environment for innovation: Global Top Speaker Bernhard Wolff. In 2012, he himself optimised his web presence and also improved his appearance in all other media to achieve a consistent image of Bernhard Wolff, the coach who increases the creativity in people and companies. For this achievement, he received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Brand" in 2012. His ability to speak backwards, a skill in which he excels and by which he amuses his audience on many a stage, perfectly fits in with his branding.

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Dominic Multerer

Best Newcomer

Marketing pro and young star Dominic Multerer was only 16 when the Handelsblatt, a leading German newspaper on business and finance, referred to him as "Germany's youngest marketing manager". But he is a pro on stage as well and regularly persuades numerous mid-sized companies and world market leaders of the need for a future-oriented marketing concept. For his outstanding accomplishments as a speaker, Dominic Multerer was awarded the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Newcomer" in 2012.

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Dr. Hubert Zitt

Most Outstanding Speaker

He is nothing less but exceptional. What started out as a one-time lecture, nowadays impresses companies all over Germany. The electrical engineer and associate professor for computer science at the Zweibrücken location of the Hochschule Kaiserslautern (Technical College for Applied Science in Kaiserslautern, Germany) Dr. Hubert Zitt is a Star Trek expert through and through. He reports on how the Star Trek visions changed and will still change our working life and which of the technological Star Trek visions are just a breath away from becoming reality. Absolutely exciting! Zitt has already received several awards, one of them being the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Most Outstanding Speaker" in 2012.

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Richard de Hoop

Best Performer

Global Top Speaker and EntertRainer Richard de Hoop rocks the stage like no other. The gifted singer and speaker moves the masses and makes sure that his messages linger on for a long time. How does he do it? With music! It's Richard de Hoops greatest passion. His presentations are characterised by musical interludes that support his ideas and sweep the audience along. In 2012, he received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Performer" for his excellent stage performance!

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Sven Gábor Jánszky

Special Award: Extraordinary Achievments outside the Speakers' Scene

In 2012, Global Top Speaker Gábor Jánszky was awarded the Global Top Speakers Award for his extraordinary achievements outside the speakers' scene and relating to his commitment to his Round Table Charity Campaign "Help Anton". Within a year, he succeeded in collecting donations amounting to Euro 300,000.00 for DermaKIDS respectively the "butterfly child" Anton! Thanks to Jánszky´s campaign, Anton who suffers from the rare disease of epidermolysis bullosa (EB) can live at home with his parents nowadays. We would like to take this opportunity to express both our thanks and our great esteem for this unbelievable feat.

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Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad

Bestseller Book

You are facing someone and for the life of it cannot remember the person's name. An embarrassing situation, especially in business. No wonder that the useful audio book "Das perfekte Namensgedächtnis - Namen merken mit der 5 Sterne Methode" (The perfect memory for names - memorising names by means of the Global Top Speaker method) by the world record holder in mnemonics, Boris Nikolai Konrad, sold like hot cakes as soon as it appeared in the Global Top Speakers shop. For this success, mnemonics pro Konrad received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Bestseller Book" in 2011.

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