Awardees 2013



Den Award als Best Brand erhielt Martin Betschart.

Martin Betschart

Best Brand

In 2013, the Swiss speaker on success Martin Betschart was awarded the Global Top Speakers Award for his successful publications such as "Unabhängigkeitserklärung" (A Declaration of Independence) or "Ich weiß, wie du tickst" (I know your inner workings). The motivation artist for more success keeps his customers informed by way of his and by means of his popular newsletter. His public image is stringent and leaves a lasting impression. This is why Global Top Speaker Martin was presented in the category "Best Brand" in 2013.

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Best Newcomer ist Bodo Lorenzen.

Bodo Lorenzen

Best Newcomer

He listens to what you DO NOT say and teaches you to do the same: Mentalist and Global Top Speaker Bodo Lorenzen. The expert for mental communication knew right from the start how to inspire and convince his audience with his presentations. His lectures are highly useful - with regard to decision and leadership behaviour, for instance - and are peppered with show interludes that amaze and entertain. In 2013, the Global Top Speakers award in the category "Best Newcomer" went to Bodo Lorenzen for his remarkable entry into the world of speakers.


Most Outstanding Speaker ist Richard de Hoop.

Richard de Hoop

Most Outstanding Speaker

By comparing different types of personalities with musical instruments, the Global Top Speaker assists in optimising team structures or in readjusting one's own performance limits and, even more important, one's performance prospects. However, he does not only "lecture" on his respective subjects but the speaker with musical talent also knows perfectly well how to sweep away his audience with his concert-level stage show. In 2013, Richard de Hoop as a package received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Most Outstanding Speaker" for his matchless uniqueness.

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Best Media Award für Ilja Grzeskowitz.

Ilja Grzeskowitz

Best Media

He is the "Change-Maker". Global Top Speaker Ilja Grzeskowitz stands for successful change. Whether in his books, the YouTube videos he produces on a regular basis, his Facebook campaigns or his inspiring newsletter, the public speaker generates valuable pulses for change everywhere. His sensational speaker's portfolio reflects his success and includes numerous references as well as feedbacks from participants. For his phantastic marketing approach and his successful PR, he was presented with the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Media" in 2013.

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Den Best Performer Award erhielt Norman Bücher.

Norman Bücher

Best Performer

Usually, extreme runner and adventurer Norman Bücher runs through the most breathtaking sceneries and places of the world all on his own, always focusing on one goal: expanding his own mental limits. Thanks to the striking imaginary and authenticity of his presentations, the speaker is able to wow several thousand people from trade and industry per year. His performance at the DVAG with more than 1,000 spectators even earned him standing ovations. Norman Bücher is a "Best Performer", no matter whether in extreme sports or on stage. This is why he received the Global Top Speakers Award in 2013.

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Boris Nikolai Konrad erhält den Special Award.

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad

Special Award: Extraordinary Achievements outside the Speakers' Scene

On the occasion of the open Italian Championship on March 23, 2013 in Rome, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad set a record in memorising words by memorising 119 random words in the correct order in only 5 minutes' time and then repeating them faultlessly. On November 30, 2013 he won the discipline for memorising names at the World Memory Championship in the British city of Croydon by memorising 106 names and the matching faces in 15 minutes' time. The names as well as the faces were of international origin, a mix from all over the world, so to say. These and many more successes characterise the life of mnemonics expert Dr. Konrad. For his extraordinary achievements outside the speakers' scene, he received the 2013 Global Top Speakers "Special Award".

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