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Best Brand Award for Thomas M. Stein.

Thomas M. Stein

Best Brand

In general, the "Best Brand" Speakers Award is about the consistent image of a speaker, about being clear on what he or she stands for and whether his or her brand is presented properly. In 2014, the prize was awarded to a speaker who neither has a product design, nor an elaborately designed webside or a speaker's portfolio. Thomas M. Stein himself is the brand. Television audiences, for instance, know him from the "Chartshow" or "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", Germany's version of "Pop Idol". Only few, however, are aware of the fact that he worked his way up from a record sales clerk to being one of the most powerful men in the music industry. In his presentations, he treats his audience to his impressive story and captivates them with many anecdotes from the show biz. Congratulations on the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Brand"!

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Best Newcomer Award for Felix Brunner.

Felix Brunner

Best Newcomer

It is easy to say "never give up". But in reality, incessantly dealing with one's attitude and motivation is what leads to success and change. In the winter of 2009 at the age of 19, a blow of fate catapulted the competitive athlete and mountaineer Felix Brunner from his former life - in a blink of an eye. During an ice-climbing trip, he took a fall of 30 m. Thanks to a „crash rescue", 8 months of artificial coma, more than 60 surgeries and several rehabs, Felix Brunner proved that giving up was not an option. Although he is wheelchair-bound today, he bubbles over with positive energy and is always ready for action. Today, as a handicapped athlete and as a motivational expert, he inspires a large number of people. In 2014, he received the Global Top Speakers Award for being the best newcomer.

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Most Outstanding Speaker ist Rola El-Halabi.

Rola El-Halabi

Most Outstanding Speaker

The Beirut-born Rola El-Halabi is no stranger to success and triumph. She started her career in 1994 in the field of kick boxing, became a professional kick boxer in 2006, followed by European WIBF champion one year later and World Champion of the WIBF in 2009. Right before a title match in 2011, she was struck by tragedy: Due to jealousy and a compulsive need to control, her stepfather and manager at that time shot her in the right hand, the left knee and both her feet. However, Rola El-Halabi fought her way back to life and after only two years of rehab and tough training sessions, she once again stood in the boxing ring, surrounded by 5,000 enthusiastic fans. Although El-Halabi lost the fight then, it nevertheless was a victory to her and motivated her to do even more. „Never give up“ is the message of the Keynote speaker. In September 2013 and once again in May 2014, the boxing champion successfully defended her World Championship title. For her impressive and strong-willed tenaciousness, the sensational speaker received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Most Outstanding Speaker" in 2014.

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Best Performer Award for Ilja Grzeskowitz.

Ilja Grzeskowitz

Best Performer

Change-Maker Ilja Grzeskowitz does not only know how to gain the media's full attention but he also delivers top performance on stage - his true playing field - as well. Always open to suggestions, he implemented all the hints and tips given to him in 2014 and even delivered a considerable number of great ideas of his own on top. Ilja Grzeskwoitz is a man of action who is also able to motivate other people to act as well. His topic "CHANGE" is of utmost importance and we therefore are proud to have this key topic covered by such a highly talented and committed speaker. In 2014, he was presented with the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Performer" for his successful and highly acclaimed stage performances.

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Best Media Award for Seven Gabor Janzsky.

Sven Gábor Jánszky

Best Media

The 2014 Speakers Award in the category "Best Media" went to Sven Gábor Jánszky. Whether online, in print or on TV, the trend researcher knows all about taking on current topics from economy, politics, culture and social affairs, distributing them to the media lickety-split and thus, achieving a great deal of attention. Furthermore, due to the versatile and cutting-edge trend analyses by his company 2b Ahead ThinkTank, the trend researcher and public speaker obtained a wide attention, even far beyond the trade media.

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