Awardees 2018



With her newsletter, her Woman’s Business Akademie and her networking events, Monika Scheddin has set standards and created her own brand. She is globally recognised as “Networking Queen” and has published many books on the subject, written many articles in all media and, of course, has also given lots of talks. She lives “networking” and proves with everything she does that she burns for this topic. By now, her diva calendar has print runs of millions of copies and she frequently is a guest in women’s magazine programmes. Like no other, Monika Scheddin succeeds in spreading her brand.

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Stefan Haeseli is Swiss – but not a slow one. With his dialect, he wins the hearts of Austrians and Germans alike. His appealing presentation about the office jungle is in line with the spirit of the times and in his presentation „Deutsch für Schweizer” (German for the Swiss people), he does away with widespread stereotypes. With his rousing presentations, Stefan Haesli is not only in high demand as a Global Topspeaker, however, but also tours through Switzerland as a sought-after comedian and fascinates his audience with this stage programme there.

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This award goes to two speakers for once. On the one hand, there’s the merciless drill sergeant Schmidt, who puts his foot in his mouth in each and every one of his presentations and who demonstrates what losers modern men are. And on the other hand, there’s Schmidt’s opposite, i.e. the sensitive, tactful and humorous family man Holger Mueller. An unusual combination in the speakers industry. Furthermore, Holger has organised an exclusive Comedy Workshop for Global Topspeakers and thus provided some of his speaker colleagues with even more stage presence.

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None of our speakers has progressed as much over the past year as futurologist Kai Gondlach. He skilfully provides his audience with an understanding of complex topics and concepts and gives them a deep insight into the world of tomorrow. His expert knowledge is based on his work for Europe’s largest future institute 2b AHEAD ThinkTank headed by Sven Gabor Janszky. Kai Gondlach is guaranteed to provide top entertainment with added value: The consistently positive feedback from his clients is the ultimate proof of this.

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Expert on senior citizens, Alexander Wild, is the founder and inventor of Germany’s most popular online portal for the 50-plus generation or “best agers”: Wild is omnipresent on all social media channels and knows how to cleverly use his popularity. So far, Alexander Wild is the only speaker to be represented in all extended editions and apart from that, he - for the second time already - has also conveyed his expert knowledge on the occasion of the Global Topspeakers Web Conference.

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This prize is being awarded to comedy speaker Armin Nagel who lives and breathes “service” and tirelessly and continuously spreads his service mission among the people. In particular his innovative ideas - such as the decoration of a lavatory on a train - are legendary. First and foremost, he receives this award for his project „W-Art - die Kunst des Wartens“ (W-Art – the art of waiting), however, which he started together with the city of Cologne and its local theatre. Together, they developed a concept to turn waiting into an adventure. And the invention of the „waiting call centre” is another of Armin Nagel’s awesome ideas that got him several appearances at the Call Centrw World, one of the largest events for call centres with more than 1,000 visitors. For his project in the city of Cologne and his innovative ideas regarding “service”, he is honoured with the Special Global Topspeakers Award.

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