Our service guidelines

We, the Global Topspeakers Team, do not only carry our credo in our name – but we live up to our motto of being “top”-class every single day. We aim to provide the same top-class service you would expect in a 5-star hotel: perfect and personal at the same time. This is why we established 5 rules to express what service means to us.


We treat our customers and speakers the way we want to be treated.


  • We know our speakers in person and always take our customers’ wishes and ideas into consideration.
  • We are always honest and advise our customers and speakers to the best of our knowledge.
  • We inform as detailed as necessary and in as few words and as comprehensibly as possible.


We are one team.


  • We think and act as Global Topspeakers Team, not in terms of departments or hierarchies.
  • We are always professional and fair and address problems directly.
  • We criticise each other in a constructive way in order to jointly find the most effective solution.


We are fast and on time.     


  • We are always in the position to provide information on the current situation.
  • We answer the phone within three rings.
  • We answer inquiries within a business day.


We are reliable.


  • We communicate clearly.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We inform you should we, unexpectedly, not be able to honour an agreement.


We get better every day.


  • We reassess our behaviour and existing processes at regular intervals. 
  • We coherently and consistently act under the “Global Topspeakers” brand.
  • We gladly accept our customers’ and speakers’ criticism and feedback and implement suggestions for improvement as quickly as possible.