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15 seconds head start - Why change management is not enough!

Lecture by
Peter Brandl

15 seconds head start - Why change management is not enough!

Lecture contents

  • Anticipation - A toad doesn't get prettier when you put an embroidered cushion on it
  • FEAR & ORDER - Effective decisions in a dynamic environment
  • Aviate, navigate, communicate - Effective priorities that take everyone with you

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15 seconds head start - Why change management is not enough!

Change management is a topic that is on everyone's lips - and yet most change processes go wrong or at least run out of order.

In aviation, change is part of everyday life. On 15 January 2009, a crew had exactly 15 seconds. 15 seconds that decided between life and death. On that day, an Airbus A320 took off from LaGuardia. Shortly after take-off, the plane collided with a flock of wild geese and both engines failed. 208 seconds later, what went down in history as the "Miracle of the Hudson" happened.

There is hardly any other environment that is so dynamic. Things are constantly changing - from small things like routes or passenger numbers, to weather and traffic situations, to system failures or even emergencies. Flying is permanent change management.

208 seconds from engine failure to landing on the Hudson. 15 seconds of that - that was the time allotted to the crew to grasp a completely surprising, highly complex and potentially catastrophic change, weigh up measures, decide and act.

In this lecture, Peter Brandl will show you how to transfer these strategies to your everyday life, your company and your teams. Using emotional examples from aviation, the 5-star speaker makes change management tangible. His experiences as a pilot, flight instructor and entrepreneur have shown him that it is vital to be able to make highly complex decisions quickly.

What is important is that professional pilots are not people with superpowers - they simply apply effective strategies and train them consistently and permanently. Change management is the ideal basis for this - but it is not enough on its own. In this lecture, keynote speaker Peter Brandl inspires you to always think one step ahead, to be prepared and to go through life with a 15-second head start.

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