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"150 left 4 minus" - communication, the pilar of success

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Ellen Lohr

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"150 left 4 minus" - communication, the pilar of success

"150 left 4 minus" - communication, the pilar of success

„You cannot not communicate“. When it comes to motor sports, this well-known phrase by Paul Watzlawick gets a totally new meaning. Imagine yourself sitting in a race car, driving through Peru on the challenging Rallye Dakar and your co-pilot is everything but clear in his communication.

„On one of world’s toughest rallyes, clear, precise and well-considered communication is immensely important and may not only decide on victory or defeat but is a determining factor for the safety of the team as well.

Keynote speaker Ellen Lohr – the first woman to ever win a DTM German Touring Car race – knows all about the significance of even the slightest of nuances in communication in motor sports. The successful race driver is at home on all the world‘s race circuits and off-road tracks and has learned the hard way, how important precise language and clear communication – verbal, non-verbal and through technical resources – can be in such challenging moments.

In this red-hot and informative presentation, you will learn how pilot, co-pilot and team communicate with each other in the race car or during a circuit race, what an incorrect message may entail in and what all of this has got to do with the daily routine in your company.

In an inspiring and appealing way, Global Topspeaker Ellen Lohr explains in this keynote how voice control in the race currently still is in the hands of the co-pilot who proactively gives commands and info on the layout of the track that are so very important. And what the statement „150 left 4 minus“ really stands for. She illustrates the challenge of teamwork under problematic conditions and demonstrates that failure often is only a matter of opinion. The inspiring speaker incorporates her expertise in motor sports and her enthusiasm for future technologies into this extraordinary presentation. Whether it‘s live streams to introduce the sport to the public, telemetry or other ways to further the new media for the benefit of the pilots, the public, the sponsors or the sport in general.

Learn from Ellen Lohr, why in motor sports as in business alike it is so important to be open and innovation-conscious and not to lose touch with the developments in communication and technology in our continuously changing environment and to effectively stay on top of things by continuously adapting and improving – not necessarily by ground-breaking innovations.

It is highly important to Ellen Lohr to tailor her presentations to the needs of the respective customer and she would also be pleased to give presentations on other subjects all around communication, teams, motivation, technology and motor sports

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Every success in motor sports is a team effort. However, the audience in general only pays homage to the winner on the podium. Ellen Lohr experienced this phenomenon herself: in countless races, she has won many titles and celebrated her biggest triumph when, in 1992 she was the first and only woman to win a race in the German Touring Car Championship DTM.