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Sven Gabor Janszky presents parts of his future scenario “Life worlds 2025” of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. This cross-industry scenario describes an imaginary day in the life of a human being in the year 2025. The scenario is developed annually by 200 chosen managers and industry heads at the Future Congress of the “most innovative think tank of Germany”.

201The Global Top Speaker takes his audience on a trip to the year 2025. During a fascinating tour through the apartment of the future, Sven Gabor Janszky explains key future visions from different industries. Technological foundation of the scenario is the deep penetration of everyday life by electronic assistant systems and automated targeting methods and the completion of the real world by virtual tools in all places (augmented reality). Life-worldly basics are a changed moral concept of the people, new worldly wisdom of the generation “digital natives” and the changing goals of humans in living as a society. 

At the interface of these visions, yonder trends are developed that define the life worlds of 2025. Janszky describes these trends with the help of an imaginary daily routine in the year 2025, starting with the morning look in the mirror until the evening meal. This leads to a scenario of the year 2025 in which humans competently use new technology to make their everyday life in a real world more sufficient by using virtual tools. But he also elaborates on the fears and reservations that come with this future: Are we losing our self-determination and live directed by technology? How are we handling our personal data in 10 years? And how fast will our habits of using new technologies change?

From this trend scenario from a user’s point of view Janszky deflects key strategy recommendations for companies of all different kinds of industries and shows possible business models for the future. For this, he cites from his newest trend book “2020 – how we live in the future” and presents the results of the trend study of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank “Customer Relations Study 2025”.

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