2030: How much human tolerates the future

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Digitalisation and automation precede rapidly. Janszky shows a future in which we will live better, healthier and longer, despite those developments – but only if we start to engage. All great and huge promises will become true if we would finally accept that computers are much better in certain subjects than us humans, says Janszky. The general public must lose its fear of data protection to use the benefits of intelligent systems like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. This means: We need to adapt and welcome this change. Also, companies need to start rethinking and prepare for questions like how to use their employees and their special competences in the future to guarantee work with meaning for them.

Being the head of Europe’s largest independent futurologist institute 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky leads the newest trend-studies and research-projects. He knows the innovations which will appear in the future of medicine but also in our daily work and private life. Driverless cars will minimise car accidents, accurate medicine checks will enable timely discovery of illnesses and smart sensors will evaluate the emotions of customers. Digitalisation makes education and knowledge accessible for everybody, we get smarter and more efficient. The possibilities to design our life journey the way we want will get much more versatile and ramified.

Futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky focuses in his fascinating lecture to his eponymous book “2030: How much human tolerates the future” on the daily routine of a human in 2030. He shows how we enable a live worthy future with smart technology and shape the future for our own purpose. The most innovative trend researcher Europe’s takes away the uncomfortable feeling that a lot of people have regarding artificial intelligence. He rather opens the extensive possibilities to live a better and longer life. Also, workwise people will be more efficient and will be able to work for more years than today possible.

Contents of lecture:

  • Which part plays the human in a digital world?
  • How can we design technological evolution for our purpose?
  • How is living with artificial intelligence possible?
  • How do companies have to change to adapt to the upcoming image of humanity?
  • How do leaders prepare their employees for following changes?

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