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It is the world’s longest and probably most unusual running expedition. Just under 20,000 kilometres – that’s half the distance around the world. Over a period of seven years, extreme athlete Norman Buecher will pass through 7 continents, 70 countries and countless places as part of his 7 CONTINENTS World Tour. On foot. From Berlin to Istanbul, via Delhi to Dhaka and up to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Across country and continental borders as well as beyond personal limits.

In his lecture „7 CONTINENTS – Big visions begin in the mind”, adventurer, extreme runner and motivation expert Norman Buecher demonstrates the realisation of a vision using his 7 CONTINENTS project as an example. It’s about the borderline between the known and the unknown, between the comfort and the challenge zone. Norman Buecher illustrates the transfer from extreme sport to working life with powerful pictures and in a highly entertaining manner.

He also provides answers to the question of what makes people take on such extreme challenges and how to motivate yourself to perform at your absolute best. People and companies need visions to further their development and to push boundaries. In his fascinating lecture, extreme athlete and motivation speaker Norman Buecher imparts the values that are essential to achieve big goals and to be successful in the long term. The adventurer is convinced: It’s never about the goal alone – but who you have to become along the way in order to achieve it.

With the help of this keynote, bring the spirit of 7 CONTINENTS to your business. Invite your employees or customers to participate in this extraordinary adventure and learn how big visions can be realised in your corporate world.


  • How to develop big visions and how to incorporate them in your life
  • Which values really make a difference
  • How you can overcome your own limits
  • What body and mind are able to achieve
  • How you can deliver top performance - even in difficult conditions
  • How to leave your personal comfort zone and why it is so important to do so

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