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The world of media seems to spin faster than the globe. Daily news, rapid developments, crazy stories, incredible adventures – reporters must always be up to date, recognize connections and report about our complicated world in a way that everyone understands. They are the translators of the cosmos; reporters are there where everything is compressed, where time shoots through a needle’s eye and where the adventure of the future begins. Also, in the professional context and in times of digitalization, entrepreneurs and employees have to face new challenges again and again and react flexibly and quickly. In his stirring lecture, reporter Kruse shows how to stay true to oneself and give one’s best.

Timm Kruse has lived a classic reporter life for 25 years. He was on all continents, interviews Kohl and Gorbatschow, sat in a taxi with Eric Burdon, experienced Barbara Schöneberger wildly and privately, had some drinks with Matthias Opdenhövel and was the first to learn from Bastian Schweinsteiger that he will leave FC Bayern Munich. He experienced the tsunami, reported about 9/11 and collected adventurous stories from all over the world – hair-raising, sad as death, earth-shattering.

As a reporter he has learned that flexibility is the basis of a successful life. To endure a fast-paced life, to grab opportunities at lightning speed and challenge happiness. Making decisions without thinking, mastering challenges and adventures and reaching your goal at the end: delivering a TV report on time, professionally, edge-sewn and full of power and emotion, so that if can be watched by millions of viewers – understandable, rousing, moving.

In his gripping lectures, reporter Timm Kruse tells of dazzling, gruesome and absurd worlds that otherwise do not show themselves to the viewer. He has looked behind the scenes of power recognized the sometimes-abstruse laws of media and learned what it means to be incorruptible. As a reporter, he never bent, never adapted, and finally took a path that wasn’t the best for his career, but the best for his life.

Contents of the lecture:

  • Gripping stories behind the scenes of power
  • Insights into the complexity of media
  • How to keep calm when the world is collapsing – staying true to yourself, even if your career could suffer from it
  • Live a life that is more exciting than any detective story

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