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In competition, agile companies have the tremendous advantage that they can adapt more flexibly to changes in today’s fast-moving world. That way, they are able to position innovations with a head start in the market. For Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss, however, agility doesn’t start with faster change processes or process optimisations but in the minds of all employees and executives. In her trendsetting presentation, Voss therefore provides her audience with the proper mindset and the practical methods to think with greater agility from now on and to act faster, more flexibly and more clearly.

Our mind, in particular, loves habits but agility stands for the exact opposite: We should always stay in motion and refrain from clinging to rigid concepts. This is how Stefanie Voss turns a thwarting „Yes but“ into a motivating „Why not?“. As an experienced lecturer and keynote speaker, she even takes it a s step further: For her, it’s no longer thinking out of the box but her motto is: “Kick the box away!“. Staying in your comfort zone is not an option but permanently questioning yourself as an executive as well as your actions, business models and strategies is what to do. That way, you are – ideally – always prepared for disruptions and can boldly tackle changes. Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss illustrates how to consciously trigger such thinking processes and how to internalise this agile attitude in your everyday working life.

Based on this, Stefanie Voss continues her presentation by moving from theory to practice, from agile thinking to agile action. She demonstrates how to introduce more agility in all areas of the company – be it communication, creative processes, meetings or project planning. She provides executives and employees with important tips and strategies on how to motivate and inspire themselves and their colleagues for this new, initially unfamiliar attitude. When agility is thus firmly rooted in the corporate culture, the entire company will benefit.

As a former manager in a DAX company, Stefanie Voss turns her back on old, rigid thinking patterns. Her fascinating and quite provocative presentation encourages us to let a new way of thinking and a fresh breeze into our heads and agility into our actions. That’s how companies stay in motion and are well-positioned for the future.

Contents of the presentation:

  • How old thinking patterns slow us down in the corporate world of the future
  • Why it’s no longer enough to think out of the box
  • How agile thinking prepares us for disruption and drastic changes
  • How to put together and lead agile teams as an executive
  • What are the options for an agile design of meetings and projects
  • How to firmly establish agility in your company

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