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Our working world is undergoing a process of change, the serious consequences of which are already evident today. In ten years’ time, jobs and job requirements will have adapted to the technologies of digital transformation and the resulting process automation and optimisation.

In his lecture, innovation consultant and Global Topspeaker Stefan Jenzowsky presents examples of companies that actively allow transformation processes and even design them themselves, and thus are ready for future working conditions and employee requirements as well.

Instead of rigid job profiles, tasks will be changing constantly – regardless of departmental, functional or hierarchical levels. So-called „Caring Companies“ will provide their employees with free nursery school places, health benefits or other support services. The goal: Coaxing employees to peak performances thanks to motivation and good care. Soon, it will no longer be the personnel department that implements the human resources policy but a „Chief Transformation Officer“, who will rely on the organisation’s individual change map when making his decisions. Companies with a fluid organisation support their employees in their personal development and in achieving their career goals – both inside and outside the company.

Companies that allow transformation will also be successful in the future as they will seize the opportunities, such as artificial intelligence, offered by digitisation to control and optimise their processes or to automate decisions to a large extent. This will be made possible by the creation of comprehensive, data-based forecasts. The effect: Because products and processes will adapt to people, to their behaviour or to varying situations, added value will be created for customers and employees alike. The efficiency achieved by digital assistants will help people to regain an essential part of their human quality of life.

Stefan Jenzowsky‘s trend-setting presentation outlines specific approaches to successful transformation. In this context, the ability to leave beaten tracks and rehearsed ways of thinking behind and to get involved in the changes of a digitised working world is vital.

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