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Ingenuity has no borders. Already centuries ago, when our ways of communication did not exist, it was possible to cross geographic borders to complete ideas, developments and inventions and to spread them around the world. Global Topspeaker Maxim Mankevich exemplifies in his exciting lecture “Boundless genius – international successful” through multiple examples of old geniuses like Ferdinand Magellan, Christoph Columbus, Charles Darwin or Alexander von Humboldt, how the successful spread of inspiring ideas in an international context works.

Mankevich, whose role model is Leonardo da Vici, talks in a compelling manner about the world changing travels of the old navigators and explorers and refers to their pioneering success. Whether he talks about Columbus, Marco Polo or Darwin: They all have in common that they collected countless impressions, crossed borders and processed them in their diaries. Maxim Mankevich manages to combine in his lecture those stories with scientific knowledge and practical examples out of our everyday life. He illustrates vividly how the explorations of the old geniuses can be seen as impulses for many developments in the modern era and in which fields they are still incorporated. Thereby the multi-lingual Keynote Speaker gives an answer to the question, in what way ideas work everywhere.

For the old geniuses traveling was necessary to communicate in an international way. In our modern times, the opposite is the case. International teams are able to exchange and extend brilliant ideas all over the world through highly complex communication systems. Companies and medium-sized businesses operate in international markets, which differ a lot. Executives and qualified employees often work in another country than their home country and work-related development potentialities don’t know any limit. But having an enormous amount of information possibilities, makes it difficult to focus on the essentials and to generate long term ideas.

Therefore, Maxim Mankevich shows in his exciting and astounding lecture that being focused on the established mixed with the inspiring knowledge of the old geniuses is the ideal way to be internationally successful.

Contents of the lecture:

  • Ingenuity knows no borders
  • Is it possible that all ideas can be implemented international?
  • Old geniuses as contrarians and initiators for the development in the modern time
  • Saving traditions and developing ideas
  • Being innovative in an international team

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