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Some people seem to be able to do and know everything. Those allrounders achieve things other people in our society can only dream of. But there is one fact: The amount of allrounders is limited. Still we have one question: How can we adapt this creative way of thinking to develop ideas and innovations? Another fact: Without ideas and innovations there will be no progress. Global Topspeaker and Social Media-Star Maxim Mankevich shows in his inspiring lecture “Brilliant minds of geniuses” what and how we can learn from old geniuses. Mankevich shatters the illusion of big innovators and intellectuals and proves, that in everyone of us has the potential to be a genius. His big mental role model: the artist, architect and engineer Leonardo da Vinci.

Mankevich, international on the move and a language genius himself – he speaks German, English, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian – knows like no one else, how to carry off his audience in to the emotional stories of da Vinci, Picasso or Einstein. All of them understood how to use their creative potential to create ideas and products we still use today. Examples therefore are the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright, pioneers in aircraft constructions or Thomas Alva Edison, who has invented numerous electronics. Essential in this case is intuition. Maxim Mankevich, who started his carrier as a seminar facilitator for further education, shows in his lecture “Brilliant minds of geniuses” methods, on how to transfer procedures and formulas for success from old geniuses in our modern way of life. You will learn how to absorb all important information’s in this global and digital world and develop them into creative ideas and innovations – like da Vinci, Einstein or Picasso. Mankevich’s personal key to success: Who invests in further education, constantly consumes knowledge and enhances his life with new knowledge, will achieve the highest amount of freedom for actions.

The autodidact Maxim Mankevich incorporates compelling and motivating examples or quotations of the old geniuses. His enormous knowledge about psychological and methodical aspects of learning as well as people of the present and past shape his exciting and inspiring lectures.

His conclusion: Innovation is a product of education and self-confidence. Innovation happens always in a quiet space and always when it is least expected! Everyone of us is able to be innovative! Learn with the help of old geniuses to become a genius! Maxim Mankevich shows how it works.

Content of the lecture:

  • Ingenuity as an umbrella term for innovative thinking
  • How did the old geniuses get inspired?
  • What can we learn form da Vinci, Picasso, Edison or Nobel?
  • How to transfer “old genius” ideas into the modern era and develop them further?

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