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People’s fear of new technologies and artificial intelligence is steadily growing. Questions about the future and questions such as „With these prospects, how can I motivate myself time and again and get enthusiastic about new tasks?“ are being asked more and more frequently. An absolute horror scenario - from a personal as well as from a corporate point of view. To inspirer Norman Graeter, courage for the future is the key to success. Only those who are interested in new technologies, have a flexible mind and are prepared to change will find their place in the world of tomorrow long-term.

For when people are happy, they will do a good job. Now, if a person is an employee, he or she will automatically do an even better job and thanks to the employee’s role model function, he or she will also inspire the customer. Those who see the person behind the customer will not be affected by the changes of the future.

In his presentation, Global Topspeaker and inspirer Norman Graeter introduces a unique instruction manual for one’s own motivational autopilots, which are the prerequisites for recognising strengths– in oneself and others. For the future will come - whether we like it or not. Despite all the digital changes, the human being and the personal become increasingly important to us. Personal encounters make the difference. For us to be able to live this, we need to get to know ourselves better, recognise our strengths and apply them in the right place.

Content of the presentation:

  • How can I find out what motivational autopilots automatically control me?
  • How do I recognise these in others?
  • How to find the right employees by being aware of the essential motivational autopilots
  • How to put together the best teams
  • How do I recognise the human being behind my employee, customer and business partner?

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