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How do we want to work and how do we want to live after Corona? How do we want to manage successfully in the future, how do we want to communicate - and what does our life look like after the pandemic? Right now, is the time to actively prepare for the time after the acute phase of the pandemic, to design the future normal, to discuss it and to shape it.

Michael Carl, founder and director of the "carl institute for human future" is driving this discussion, which he deals with intensively in his book "Creating the better normal - re:start 2021". Normality in companies and society will be different after the pandemic than before. What is also certain is that it depends solely on us to turn our "new normal" into a "better normal". Those who only sort themselves out when lockdowns and restrictions are over will give away valuable months that we do not have. We must talk now and set the course.

Let us not wait until the last trader gives up and the last city centre is deserted, but let's take care of shaping urban life now. Let's not get bogged down in fruitless arguments about the maximum number of home office days per month but talk about how we want to work. Let's not complain that it is becoming more and more difficult to be in dialogue with everyone in society, but let's talk: About social change, about skills and education, about infrastructure, about political structures!

In his rousing and informative lecture, 5-star speaker and theologian Michael Carl talks about what "creating the better normal" looks like in concrete terms: Which experiences of the past year open new possibilities? Which old normalities do we want to reactivate, and which ones do we want to discard for good? What is the perspective for companies, society, communities or politics? A discussion in the companies is also necessary: What will be better than before from the point of view of employees, management and customers?

Society expert Michael Carl says: "Now is the time to tackle the re:start. Of course, no one knows how long the pandemic and the state of emergency will last. Currently, a dangerous fatigue is spreading; our patience and endurance are being tested. But this cannot stop us from shaping the time after the acute phase of the pandemic. We do not want to wait any longer. The debate about future normality starts now!

The self-confident and creative answer to the challenge of the re:starts can only be: We want neither old nor new normality for its own sake, we want to create a better normality. Personally, entrepreneurially, socially. For ourselves, for the people for whom we bear professional responsibility, for the generations that follow us.

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