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"The first person that will live to be 1,000 years-old has already been born," said biomedical gerontologist and immortality researcher Aubrey de Grey. He is one of the internationally renowned experts with whom Kai Gondlach, a 5-star speaker and futurologist, regularly discusses the topic of health and medicine of the future. It sounds incredible and like science fiction - but what if de Grey and other experts in the field are right? Have the courage to think the unthinkable!

Which developments and technological advances are the basis for the assumption that people could soon become immortal? And what does this mean for our daily life together? What are you giving your children for their 300th birthday? How does a health insurance company or a health service provider position itself in a world in which ageing is recognised as a disease? What is the next evolutionary stage of Homo Sapiens, Sapiens 2.0?

Listen to the breathtaking and individually adapted explanations of futurologist (M.A.) Kai Gondlach and learn to think exponential change!


  • Relevant technologies: How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the healthcare market.
  • Immortality: Have researchers outwitted death with artificial organs, gene therapies and overcoming ageing?
  • Transhumanism: Do cyborgs only exist in science fiction films? Why you too should become a cyborg!

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