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We come from a world where a doctor decides whether we are healthy or sick. In the future, smart technologies will make these decisions more accurately and earlier than any human could. A development that will turn our current understanding of health and disease upside down. In his lecture, Global Topspeaker and futurologist Jan Berger gives a trend-setting overview of the changes medicine. The pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare companies will have to adapt to in the coming years.

As chairman of the management board of the futurology institute 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, Jan Berger has been advising board member and top managers in this field for several years and develops joint preparatory future strategies. He has used his consulting experience and discussion with leading experts as a basis for his comprehensive vision of the future of the healthcare market. Because it is not only technologies that will bring change in the industry, but also changing ideas and expectations about one’s own health. As a Keynote Speaker, Jan Berge will demonstrate clearly and with concise examples which new role assignments are associated with this for doctors and pharmacists as well as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance companies and health insurance funds.

Because our healthcare system dates back to time when it was an achievement to be cured quickly in order to be able to work again. Entire industries have built themselves around this logic. But in the future, it will be a matter of ensuring that people do not become ill in the first place, but stay healthy – even into old age. Forecasts assume that 120 years will no longer be a rarity. This development will result in completely new business fields and business models. Which new players will then penetrate the competitive market and which strategies they will pursue will therefore also be discussed by trend researcher Jan Berger.

With his lecture Jan Berger cures fears of the future. The fascinating speaker succeeds in equipping his audience with the necessary know-how and impulses to take preparations for the healthcare market of the future into his own hands at an early stage and full of energy.

Contents of lecture:

  • How smart technologies will evaluate medical data in the future
  • How our understanding of health and disease will change
  • What developments affect the world of work in the health care system?
  • How roles of doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals are changing
  • What new business models are emerging in the healthcare market?

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