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In Germany, all people combined spend around 30 million hours a day driving a vehicle, navigating through traffic jams or desperately looking for a parking space. Germans love their cars and wouldn’t want to miss them in the future either. Another important aspect of mobility is public transportation. Regarding our mobility, we are as free as never before but at the same time mobility is undergoing an unprecedented change.

Not only our vehicles have developed further in the past years, but our infrastructure as well. Trends such as sharing economy, connected mobility and e-mobility are becoming increasingly important. Global Topspeaker and futurologist Kai Gondlach is aware of these trends and is constantly working on the mobility of tomorrow. Some changes are already part of our daily life. Car sharing is increasingly becoming the norm, e-mobility is getting more affordable and e-scooters are zooming through our city centres. The keynote speaker explains how our business models, working worlds and our private life will continue to change in the future. The mobility of the future offers us the opportunity to revolutionise our way of thinking.

Not only will the classic vehicle change in the future, but the integration of different means of transportation will be of importance, too. The mobility of the future will be characterised by an intelligent and individual mix. How this might look like is what Kai Gondlach illustrates in his pictorial and comprehensible presentations. One thing is clear to the futurologist: Those who occupy the interface between people and the digital world will control the mobility business.

Content of the presentation:

  • Automobility: Does the future belong to e-cars?
  • Individual mobility: What will autonomous vehicles look like and why will customers love them?
  • Business models: How will the business models of manufactures and suppliers work in the future?
  • New ways: Are we really getting air taxis, hyperloops and Co?
  • Economy: How will the German economy change during the mobility turnaround?
  • Sustainability: How sustainable will the mobility of the future be?

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