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In the upcoming years, artificial intelligence will gradually find its way into companies. But does this mean that robots will soon replace all employees and even bosses there? What remains science fiction and what changes these technologies actually trigger is what futurologist Jan Berger draws up in a scenario based on scientific research. In his lecture, the Global Topspeaker leads through a working day of the future. He takes a fascinating look at personnel offices, management floors and production facilities.

The question of how we will work in the future then depends above all on the relationship in which we see ourselves as human being to artificial intelligence. As CEO of the futurology institute 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, Jan Berger has been investigating this question for several years as part of the “A World Beyon HR” research project and has a clear opinion on it. In his lecture, he encourages us not to be afraid of AI as a competitor, but to profit from its benefits. Smart algorithms can help us to work more effectively, to make better decisions and to concentrate on the most important projects.

But what exactly does it mean when AI-based technologies change the way we work? Keynote Speaker Jan Berger looks at the company as a whole in his forward-looking presentation, but also goes into detail. The Global Topspeaker shows, how artificial intelligence can be used in team collaborations and compositions and what effects it has on various processes in the company. Berger will present the current results of his research work, in which he has repeatedly brought together pioneers from HR of technology companies, carried out experiments and talked to experts.

You can rely on Artificial Intelligence as a colleague – Jan Berger moves his audience through the lecture to rethink concepts about the future. The experienced trend researcher is thus enthusiastic about smart innovations that will soon make our working day simpler and more effective.

Contents of the lecture:

  • Why do we have to move away from previous concepts about the working world?
  • Which AI technologies can support everyday work?
  • Which work tasks can be replaced by AI?
  • What does the introduction of artificial intelligence mean for HR?
  • How does AI change workforces and teams?

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