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The world of work is in a state of upheaval: employers are struggling to find qualified specialists, and the supply of average employees is also dwindling in times of demographic change. Rapid technological progress replaces jobs in historically unseen quality and quantity - even expert occupations are not safe from the current wave of automation. And then there are the employees themselves, who are placing ever higher demands on employers in terms of their individual employment structures. Sabbatical, job sharing and hospitation here, part-time, BYOD and home office there. As a consequence, the personnel departments are overtaxed with bureaucracy and have no time for personnel development or operational health management.

The scientific community agrees: the era of traditional corporate management according to the Taylor principle is over, the industrialized countries are on the threshold of a new era of work. Let Kai Gondlach, futurologist (M.A.), provide you with comprehensive information, inspiration and enrich your HR and corporate strategy in this application-oriented lecture!


  • New Work: What is behind the concept, where are the roots and how do employers have to react?
  • Employers: What does New Work mean for organisational structure, strategy, hierarchies and leadership?
  • Employees: What demands do responsible employees address to modern employers and why? What do Generation Y or Generation Z have to do with this?
  • Pioneers: Which companies set a good example? What can you learn from them? And what not?
  • Measures: As an employer, what SOS measures can you take to take your first steps quickly?

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