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The future is full of uncertainty. How will markets and businesses develop? What business models will prevail in the long term? Will the customers of the future tick like they used to do? And: Will our jobs still exist at all? Global Topspeaker Stefan Jenzowsky is an expert on creative disruption and in his presentation „ Shaping your future“, he demonstrates that the courage to change and continuous further advancement do pay off. By getting involved in the inevitable change of our living and working worlds, you will have distinct competitive advantages in the world of tomorrow.

Stefan Jenzowsky, who has many years of experience in the development of mostly technology-oriented start-ups, shows in his inspiring presentation how you can establish innovation processes and business models in order to keep your bearings in times of global change. In a highly captivating way, he illustrates the impact that changes of perspective and in requirements of relevant target groups may have on the processes and business models of companies and offers you tried-and-tested impetus to recognise and exploit the future potential of your company.

Active participation by way of disruptive thinking and openness to new approaches is essential for a successful future and the implementation of innovations. The expert on start-ups, new products and market launches, Stefan Jenzowsky is convinced that companies that understand and internalise this, will continue to advance and will be successful - even in volatile environments.

Based on his comprehensive experience with enterprises, often start-ups, in the Silicon Valley, Stefan Jenzowsky is able to recognise future trends immediately. As managing director of 2b AHEAD Ventures and co-author of the management book “Rule breaker – how people think whose ideas change the world”, Stefan Jenzowsky knows: „Without creative disruption, there’s no advancement!“.

In his impulse lecture, he therefore motivates his audience to go along with these ways of thinking and to see the future as an opportunity.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Values change, customers change – What does this mean in practice?
  • Working worlds change – How to prepare my company accordingly?
  • The future holds uncertainties – How do I face them and actively shape my future?
  • How does an individual innovation process succeed?

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