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The 20s begin with a crisis and crises will remain our mode. That is good news! We already know of at least three crises coming our way in the decade of crises: Labour development, demographic changes and finally the climate crisis. A unique opportunity for development and shaping!

5 Star speaker Michael Carl is a successful social expert, theologian and journalist. In his trend-setting lectures, he deals with the major crises of the 1920s and shows the room for manoeuvre that can be created from them in a completely new way.

The labour crisis: As a society, we are running out of paid work. The more technological support we get, the less we must do. "Train driver Martin (48) is going to the siding". Technological development fundamentally changed ways of working and forms of organisation - and we work less and less. As a result, work and meaning are becoming more and more decoupled. What do we define ourselves by when a full-time job fills only five hours of the day? How do we distribute wealth and values in society if not through work and wages? And who actually does all the unpaid work?

The demographic crisis: We are getting older, considerably older; that alone is the best news. 90 is the new 60. The number of old and very old people is growing by leaps and bounds - and with it the gap in the social security systems. We need a new contract between the generations, a new image of retirement and a good answer to the question: do we really want to go to Majorca in summer for 40 years in a row when we retire?

The climate crisis: A climate like in Milan, in future also in Berlin? A good idea, one would think. Despite international treaties, despite supreme court rulings, despite good German perfection in waste separation - we still underestimate the tangible consequences of the climate crisis. Yet it forces us to make the most fundamental changes - and offers the most opportunities for a better life.

All three crises will force us to say goodbye to familiar things we take for granted. They intertwine and reinforce each other. It is not for nothing that we try to trivialise them by often downgrading them to "change". They do not lose their power to change, but we miss our chance to shape them. For a long time, there has not been a greater opportunity to make our lives, our work and economies, our society as a whole, more humane.

In his own research institute, the carl institute for human future, Michael Carl explores the questions of how the enormous technological development from artificial intelligence to blockchain supports us, how we begin to learn from experiences of crisis, how we set ourselves in motion as a society and how we must also rethink ourselves in the face of these changes: Who is human, what is human and how do we become more human than ever?

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