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The city of the future will become a smart city: In his presentation, Kai Arne Gondlach illustrates what citizens expect from urban services in the future and how municipalities and city administrations can prepare accordingly. Innovative technologies are changing urban coexistence – for municipalities, this development brings new challenges. The Global Topspeaker and futurologist offers his audience amazing insights into the world of urban technology and visionary concepts for urban development.

The trend of living in a city remains unbroken, and metropolises will continue to grow in the future – mainly upwards. At the same time, the composition of the population in cities and municipalities is changing – on the one hand due to demographic change and an ageing society and on the other due to an increasingly flexible labour market. In this context, Kai Arne Gondlach speaks of job nomads: Temporary citizens who work on projects and constantly change their place of residence to do so. Kai Arne Gondlach sees 3D-printed buildings as one way for municipalities to offer such people a temporary home – a quick and easy option to get access to living space that can be flexibly designed and expanded or renewed at any time. Urbanisation poses new challenges for both the security concept and the transport network. How do you get an injured person down from the 35th floor and how does the population in the city of the future get from A to B? Self-driving cars and drone taxis can be the solution.

The trend researcher knows which offers and services the public sector needs to guarantee its citizens – starting from nationwide broadband coverage with Wi-Fi to sharing services to adaptive local public transport that is aware of its customer’s patterns of movement and automatically adapts to these.

With the help of intelligent data analysis systems and digital citizen networks, the public sector in the future will be able to evaluate the individual and situational needs of citizens in a highly automated way and react accordingly. Keynote speaker Kai Arne Gondlach therefore illustrates how urban and municipal politics can use such innovations to improve the quality of life of its population and create new freedoms.

Content of the presentation:

  • Smart city: How the city of the future benefits from innovative technologies
  • Temporary citizen: How project work changes the urban population and what this means for political participation
  • Sharing economy: Why sharing is the new owning
  • Local public transport: How public transport can become adaptive
  • Environment: Which solutions promise good air
  • Library & Co: How urban institutions are changing
  • Periphery: Thanks to which strategies surrounding areas will have a future, too
  • Nutrition: How the city of the future will meet the rising demand for food

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