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We all know, how it feels when some things don’t work out the way they should and we can’t find the reason or secret behind this failure. We instantly doubt us, we doubt our ideas, sometimes we even doubt our mind. We are frustrated and incredibly angry. Why did this idea not work out? Global Topspeaker Maxim Mankevich shows in his motivating lecture “The secretes of geniuses”, what the famous explorers, thinkers and artists like Leonardo da Vici, Aristoteles or Picasso did, to make sure that their ideas work, and we still benefit from those ideas today. He tells fascinating story in which he combines the history and secrets of geniuses und mixes them with scientific knowledge about learning. In this lecture, you are going to learn, how to achieve great ideas and receive long term success.

Mankevich, Social Media-Star with over 5 million followers, enchants his audience with an emotional story of geniuses from antiquity to the modern era. It doesn’t matter if the subject is Platon with his theory of forms, Bertha Benz as a pioneer of the car drive, Alexander Bell with his innovation of the telephone or the brothers Wright with their flying machine: All of them not only had an enlightening idea, they also knew how to implement them successfully. The foundation of their ideas has to be the a huge amount of self-confidence. Maxim Mankevich, who started his carrier as a seminar facilitator for further education, shows in his lecture “The secrets of geniuses”, how to achieve self-acceptance, how to separate from negative thoughts and how to get inspired to create great ideas. Mankevich’s personal key to success: Who invests in further education, constantly consumes knowledge and enhances his life with new knowledge, will achieve the highest amount of freedom for actions. On the subject of old geniuses Mankevich proves that this is the foundation of all creative processes.

The youngster underneath the speakers Maxim Mankevich vividly shows how close the gap between existing knowledge and the actions that lead to the successful realization. He also shows how to work with human perfectionism and how to practice patience. Because of his psychological and methodical knowledge of learning, Mankevich knows how to lecture in an inspiring and also exciting way. Excitement and knowledge must go hand in hand in order to great long term and successful ideas. This was a rule for the old geniuses, but it is even more important for us, in this fast-paced world.

Content of the lecture:

  • Success strategies of the old geniuses
  • What are the secrets of an ingenious personality?
  • How will my employees be successful?
  • Finding ideas and implement them
  • Innovative processes and strategy development

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