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Many companies are in the process of taking the initiative for their own future. They are adapting their processes to digitalization and other future changes in order to maintain their position in the market. But their promising strategies are often based on outdated ideas. As an expert on future trends, Global Topspeaker Jan Berger clears up thought patterns that actually date back to the industrial age. In his lecture, he points the way to the truths that companies have to face when it comes to their future competitive position.

Our working world is on the verge of upheaval. The triumph of the internet heralded the information age and caused drastic changes for all industries and fields of business. Jan Berger has already managed numerous projects in various large companies and, as CEO of the futurology institute 2b AHEAD, advises board members and top managers on future issues. On the lecture stage, the Global Topspeaker explains which major technological and social upheavals will shape our economy in the coming years. He warns of serious errors of thought: “Strategies and processes that have worked successfully so far will then no longer work. Answers that were correct in the past now contain a completely wrong approach.”

Thanks to his expertise as a renowned futurologist, Jan Berger delivers new answers and solution ideas for the essential questions of the future corporate world – whether for personnel planning, work progress or project management. As a speaker, Berger will explain how we recruit, develop, retain or consciously recommend suitable employees in times of an increasing shortage of skilled workers. In addition, he discusses which activities are eliminated by the use of new technologies, but above all which will arise and how people will work together in the future to achieve their goals.

With his lecture of the future, Jan Berger presents an effective all-round package with which companies can equip themselves sustainably for the forthcoming transformation of the world of work.

Contents of the lecture:

  • How does the transformation of the world of work actually makes itself felt?
  • How do we recognize outdated ideas and false truths?
  • What kind of thinking must be used instead of counter future changes?
  • How can employees be found, retained and assembled into teams in the future?
  • Which technologies will support us in our everyday work in the future?

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