Work-life-balance: always on the move and yet at home

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Timm Kruse

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Work-life-balance: always on the move and yet at home

Why are we working so hard? When is it enough with our performance? How fat do our car, our house and our debaucheries still have to get? What is the right work-life balance for us?

Everyone dreams of living the perfect version of their life, the best work-life-balance – but how does that work? Everyone wants to get the most out of these 76 years on average, bring out their best self, feel freedom, experience pleasure – and yet most people in our society live a life with which they are satisfied from time to time, but almost never ride on a euphoric wave. They life a safe, capped life between everyday working life, family constraints and social obligations. At most they find a break from routine during their holidays – and these quickly become a routine as well.

Global Topspeaker Timm Kruse breaks through this routine and regularly sets out on quest for wild, new adventures. He fasted for 40 days – what Jesus can do, he can do; he chauffeured an Indian guru through the world for a year, he lived for months in the jungle, remained silent for weeks, meditated until he thought he was floating and was the first person to paddle the entire Danube on a Stand-up paddleboard. Next, he wants to paddle around Sri Lanka – his addiction to adventure never ends. Timm Kruse has found the perfect work-life-balance for himself.

In his lectures, the bestselling author sweeps his listeners away and takes them on his crazy adventures all over the world. His message: there is no reason not to lead a great life. We live in the richest world off all human ages, we can get to any place on this planet faster and more comfortably, we have more security, more wealth and more freedom than ever before. So, what is stopping us from leaving and experiencing this planet and all this being in its perfection?

Anyone can live a more minimalistic and contemplative life than before. Nobody needs 250 square meters of living space, an SUV, overpriced clothes, watches or monitors. Those who renounce the luxury and exaggerated needs of our society have more money and time at their disposal than they need for their travels to all continents.

In his lectures, Timm Kruse impressively describes how the work-life balance works. It is so easy to live a balanced and fulfilled life.

Contents of lecture:

  • Full of fire and enthusiasm to inspire other people for a new way of life
  • Gripping stories beyond our everyday lives
  • Practical tips on how the work-life balance works
  • To impart courage to take the first steps towards freedom – How dreams become reality
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