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One thing is already clear today: The living, working and customer worlds in the year 2028 will differ fundamentally from today’s! What are the underlying conditions for these ground-breaking changes, the effects of which will affect all industries in only ten years’ time? In his presentation “Work in a digitised world”, Global Topspeaker Stefan Jenzowsky, member of the advisory board of 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, Germany’s most innovative think tank, and expert for innovative product and market launches outlines numerous practical options, how trade, banks or the service sector can prepare for changing value concepts and working methods.

Stefan Jenzowsky is certain: Digitisation continues to be an essential, if not underestimated, driver for the working world of the future. It leads to the acceleration and simplification of production processes, changes traditionally anchored sales structures and, on to a large extent, the communication between companies and customers. Companies are faced with the challenge of constantly reviewing and improving their own availability, their response times to inquiries or complaints and in general, the fulfilment of individual customer needs. It is not uncommon that changed working and customer worlds induce the introduction of new product or services on the market, which might become an additional challenge for established corporate business models.

The number of enterprises, which successfully force present business models out of the market by means of target-oriented innovations and which are characterised by high agility and flexibility, is increasing. In particular companies that are in direct contact with end consumers are faced with massive changes and competition and will have to meet entirely new requirements.

In his presentation, Stefan Jenzowsky vividly illustrates the forces driving this change, which is already turning our working and living worlds upside down now, but even more so in the years to come. In this context, it is important to the consultant and manager to consider future working conditions and job expectations from both an economical and emotional point of view. For future generations of employees will not only expect an income that contributes to securing their livelihood but also personal fulfilment and a sense of purpose.

With his presentation, Stefan Jenzowsky will inspire you to make your company sustainable and effective, so that today’s customers will still be your customers in the digitally networked world of tomorrow.

Stefan Jenzowsky is an expert for trend-setting business models and products. Since he started his career, the manager has been getting his ideas directly from the Silicon Valley, has successfully accompanied several start-ups in their development and is a hands-on guy through and through. In addition, his many years as a lecturer at various universities make him a fascinating and experienced speaker. The innovator has initiated numerous projects and can look back on an enormous wealth of experience in product developments and market launches in various industries.

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