A presentation - as thrilling as a hitchcock movie

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Michael Moesslang

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A presentation - as thrilling as a hitchcock movie

This is how Hitchcock would do a presentation – Be as convincing as the Master of Suspense

Presentations that cannot hold the attention of the audience, do not achieve any goals. Exciting presentations, on the other hand, generate curiosity and keep the listener alert: they ensure that the audience stays focused, follows the presentation attentively and gets involved. If your information is presented in a skilful and exciting manner, the audience can’t help but agree with you!

Use the same methods for your presentations as movie producer and “Master of Suspense” Alfred Hitchcock did in his motion pictures. Even today, nine of his movies still rank among the best 250 movies of all time! Movies such as Psycho, The Birds, Rear, Vertigo and North by Northwest are unforgotten. What generates the kind of suspense that is still thrilling today - more than 50 years later? And mainly: how can you incorporate this kind of suspense into your presentation?

Contents of the presentation:

•Thrilling first seconds: win your audience over

•Suspense, tension and surprise: excitement times three!

•How to create an exciting wide-screen experience in the heads of your audience

In his lecture, the „Hitchcock of presentation“ Michael Moesslang demonstrates how you, your employees and your team can make out presentations in a way that they captivate the audience, inspire the listeners by using suspense and thus reach the target of your presentation, which is to convince people. Presentations that truly sell your ideas, your products and your services are feasible: thanks to Michael Moesslang’s Hitchcock approach, you will deliver an Oscar-worthy presentation.

The keynote by Global Topspeaker Michael Moesslang is based on his book „So würde Hitchcock präsentieren - Überzeugen Sie mit dem Meister der Spannung“ (This is how Hitchcock would do a presentation – Be as convincing as the Master of Suspense), which for a long time has been number one in Amazon’s presentation section.

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