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Change is the only constant, according to extreme runner Norman Bücher. He must know. The keynote speaker breaks and resets his limits with each of his adventures. Whether it’s in the desert, in the jungle or in the conference rooms and companies of the world, encountering our limits always also means change! Only those who know how to handle change can win and is successful in the long run. In this captivating keynote speech – accompanied by spectacular photos from his adventures – the Global Top Speaker demonstrates how it is exactly situations of change that are the lever that turn potential failures into successes.

The speaker makes it clear: only with flexibility and the will to change, you can develop further. Those who remain stuck in their ways, perish. This applies for business as well as for extreme sports. The ability to recognize chances for change at an early stage, to feel which way the wind of the new is blowing and jumping on the new wave is the important foundation of great successes in sports as well as in business.

In addition to his innumerous other adventures, Bücher was the first person ever running through the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, which he did in the Spring of 2013. 265 kilometers non-stop in just 56 hours. With this adventure, the motivational expert was again able to push his own limit under immense physical exertion. In his entertaining and highly-motivating presentation, he illustrates: leaving one’s comfort zones and pushing one’s own limits are most important for reaching one’s goals and being successful in one’s career, as innovation and growth can only take place outside the comfort zone.

Global Top Speaker Norman Bücher also shows: Change situations can be risky, as there is no progress or decisions without the potential possibility of mistakes. It is also essential to carefully weigh out the ratio of risk and security, of change and continuity. The speaker uses dramatic examples from his extreme races where it is always necessary to re-evaluate situations and make quick decisions due to changing circumstances and weather conditions or one’s own physical condition. This demands qualities just as relevant for adventurers and extreme athletes as they are for managers and employees of a company.

Give your audience an appetite for successful change, for leaving their comfort zone and breaking and pushing existing limits with speaker Norman Bücher.


  • Change is the only constant
  • Flexibility – those who stop moving die
  • Going new paths instead of orienting oneself towards other people’s standards
  • Dealing with new circumstances
  • New thinking – new results – new successes
  • Make mistakes, but only once please!


You learn…

  • How you can trigger change processes and integrate them in your life
  • How you can overcome your own limits
  • What the human body and mind are capable of
  • How you can also achieve top performance under difficult conditions
  • How you can leave your personal comfort zone and why this is so important

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