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Just imagine: the entire staff of your company doesn’t consider their tasks as a job, or even work, but as an extreme and thrilling adventure! An adventure as the ultimate challenge with all its highs and lows, corners and edges that make up a real adventure. An adventure where everyone works on the same goal, not letting themselves be taken off course by storms, rainfall or other surprises along the way to the set goal. An adventure which above all has one goal: to enjoy themselves and being successful together, exactly what Normal Bücher appeals for in this special keynote speech!

If anyone, this 5-star-speaker can tell gripping stories. Whether he’s running altogether 1.120 kilometers through the Australian Outback as he did in the Spring of 2012, running close to two marathons a day 14 days in a row on his way to Ayer’s Rock, or whether he’s conquering the Thunder Dragon in Bhutan: his extreme runs are pure adventure. The quintessence of these adventures is not too distant to day-to-day business. As a former company consultant, the dynamic speaker knows from his own experience that on-the-job tasks have quite a bit in common with high-performance sports. Extreme situations are to be mastered and quick decisions to be made in both fields. Physical resilience and mental strength are in demand.

Let your staff experience true Adventure ‘Company’ up close. Using his sports adventures, 5-star-speaker Norman Bücher demonstrates the parallels between the business world and extreme sports in this visually stunning incentive presentation.


  • Dreams – visions – goals
  • Teamwork – we’re only strong together
  • Demands on oneself – why solely unrealistic goals lead to top performance
  • Energy efficiency – why less is often more
  • Preparation – the key to success

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