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Everyone is talking about Motivation. A lot of people are getting sick of it because of the numerous motivational messages we’re constantly hearing. But what does motivation actually mean? How can motivation still really be motivating? In a unique way, is what extreme runner Norman Bücher in this extraordinary presentation. Namely, if we see motivation as an adventure. A never-ending adventure with all its highs and lows which make up a real adventure. An adventure we desire to conquer again and again, one we have to make ourselves “amenable” to. Motivation as THE great challenge in life and on the job, not something that happens automatically and not when we hear a few motivations slogans.

abeAn adventure to adventures requires strong will, strength of purpose and passion, but also a professional approach and a large portion of self-discipline. 5-star speaker Norman Bücher possesses all of these characteristics. But the projects is motivation. The inner drive, the fire of enthusiasm. That is where the 5-star-speaker gets his strength and the meticulousness to make reality his athletic plans, which he considers true motivational adventures.

Bring the spirit of the ‘adventure motivation’ to your company with this keynote speaker. Invite your employees to this adventure and condition yourselves for success together. Reaching top business goals depends on the attitude of each employee, each individual manager. On the preparedness to put all of their energy into a project and to be innovative, courageous, focused and assertive.

Set out on your own very personal company motivational adventure with extreme athlete Norman Bücher.

  • Leaving personal comfort zones and entering zones of growth
  • How conditioning for success works
  • Adventure is a state of mind
  • Starting begins in your mind
  • Raising personal limits and discovering the new
  • Convictions: what we believe becomes our life

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