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All in one boat together - teamwork as a key for success

Lecture by
Dominique Goerlitz

Available as online lecture

All in one boat together - teamwork as a key for success

All in one boat together - teamwork as a key for success

Dominique Goerlitz talks in this multi-media presentation about his experiences in the field of motivation and ability to work in a team.

He bridges the gap between the social sciences, applied sciences and the interpersonal interactions that you see every day in your company. In the lecture, many scenes from the life on board of the ABORA expedition are shown in exciting movies. Communication, cooperation and joint action were necessary not only as Stone Age survival strategies.

  • How to get along in harmony and peace for over 2 months with eleven men and women of different ages and backgrounds on the stormy North Atlantic on a prehistoric reed boat?
  • How do you motivate a "motley bunch" of international participants to build a ship - without any payment?
  • What lessons can be transferred to a business from this expedition and successfully applied for the employees?

Great success is always the result of a team effort. The requirements are exceptionally high during periods of high pressure and unexpected events. Critical to the success of a project are processes such as choosing adequate employees, evaluation of professional, social and personal competence, development and advancement of potential and responsibility as well as the coordination of the diverse personalities and qualifications within a team. Every team needs leeway as well as leadership. Striking the right balance builds a winning team.

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