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In Hollywood’s science fiction movies, they have been providing a reliable success at the box offices for decades: Robots – either as a loyal companion on adventurous trips such as R2D2 or as villains that want to take over world dominion. But what is the reality? Global Topspeaker Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad knows the answer to that question. The computer scientist and brain researcher knows to what extent artificial intelligence (AI) has been developed and researched to date. And he provocatively asks: Will we stay smarter than the robots that continuously increase their knowledge?

In his presentation, the keynote speaker illustrates the role artificial intelligence is already playing in our everyday life and which inventions will be changing our lives in the future – starting from a music playlist that proposes suitable songs, to smart homes that automatically control the energy balance, up to self-driving cars that learn automatically and – according to Konrad - will reach the mass market in a few years already. In an entertaining and amusing way, he provides his audience with a fascinating and at the same time realistic insight into the world of AI and robots.

„Nowadays, the image of robots has almost been glorified and romanticized“, says the brain researcher. By now, however, we are quite far from the tin can with a winder on the back. Instead, there are computer programs that are already smarter than we humans - at least in some areas, explains Boris Nikolai Konrad: „However, we humans can also increase our intelligence, for instance by learning from machines or making use of the findings provided by brain research. Our willingness to do so will decide on whether we will continue to control computers in the future or if it’s going to be the other way round.“ Being amazed or getting the creeps goes hand in hand in his presentation as the scientific expert evokes both to the same extent in his audience, when he takes a look at the future of artificial intelligence.

But do we need to be afraid of AI? The Global Topspeaker explicitly names the dangers of the new technologies but also sees the potential of artificial intelligence, for instance in medicine or for companies: In his presentation, Boris Nikolai Konrad demonstrates how more precise predictions on customer behaviour can be made by using Big Data than by extensive surveys and market studies. The brain researcher gives specific recommendations on how companies – based on this data – can align their production, logistics and sales strategies and thus obtain a significant competitive edge. Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is convinced: „Those who have the best algorithm will prove successful in the market.“

Contents of the presentation:

  • Science fiction versus reality: What can robots really do?
  • Chance or risk: What‘s the potential of artificial intelligence (AI)?
  • Big data: How algorithms work and how they make predictions
  • Automatization: How self-controlled programs influence our everyday life

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