Automobiles, mobility and life in the future

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Dr. Jörg Wallner

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Automobiles, mobility and life in the future

What will move us in the future – and in particular: How will we move around in the future? In his presentation, „Automobiles, mobility and life in the future“, trend researcher and Global Topspeaker Joerg Wallner provides fascinating answers to these questions. The renowned keynote speaker reveals which new inventions and technologies will be available then and how the continuing urbanisation will soon change our everyday life.

One technical development that polarises opinions in particular these days is autonomous driving. But are we really prepared to hand over the steering wheel in the future and to get involved in the city of the future? Whether start-ups such as Tesla, Uber or Lyft, the internet companies Apple and Google or established automobile manufacturers – they are currently all researching corresponding concepts, says trend researcher Joerg Wallner. At the same time, many are sceptical about this technology and do not want to lose control or forgo the fun of driving. However, speaker Wallner is convinced: „A child born today won’t need a driver’s license any more“. Urbanisation, digitisation and autonomous driving will profoundly change our day-to-day mobility – both in our professional and our private life.

We will no longer have to concentrate on traffic while in the car but will be able to use that time for other issues. And thanks to complementary technologies, long waits in traffic jams will soon be a thing of the past as well. How interconnected systems based on artificial intelligence will improve the flow of traffic in the city of the future, how they will save petrol and even prevent accidents, is exactly what Global Topspeaker Joerg Wallner demonstrates in his keynote. Furthermore, the futurologist explains which alternatives to regular and diesel fuel will prevail in the future and will then allow for environmentally-friendly driving.

The increasing urbanisation and the development of automated vehicles will also affect a multitude of industries and companies that so far have counted on delivery services, taxi rides or other courier services. Joerg Wallner reveals to his audience which future scenarios are realistic and how we can prepare for them.


  • No control? How autonomous driving will change our everyday life
  • No perspective? Which business models will be doomed due to autonomous driving
  • No traffic jam? How interconnected systems will improve the flow of traffic
  • No petrol? Which new technologies will replace the fuel tank
  • No property? How to share a car with others thanks to car sharing models
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