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Awaken the doer in you

Lecture by
Katja Porsch

Awaken the doer in you

Lecture contents

  • How to counter false beliefs and fears
  • Why mistakes are the key to success
  • The secret of the success formula to awaken the doer in yourself

Awaken the doer in you

Many people spend a large part of their lives chasing their personal success. They spend a lot of time and energy thinking about how they can achieve what they desire. But instead of getting closer to their goals, they tread water and find themselves in a hamster wheel, paralysed by failures and lack of perspective. Many then blame others or external influences for their situation. The deeper one gets into this impasse, the more fear of decisions arises and the courage to finally take one's life into one's own hands dwindles.

This is what happened to 5-star speaker, entrepreneur and power woman Katja Porsch. During her studies, she was shy and her life was characterised by pressure, false beliefs and exaggerated expectations. Then she made the decision to overcome her "head cinema" and her fears, dropped out of her business studies and took off in the male-dominated world of sales. "We live in a world today where we only talk about problems. We are far too preoccupied with why something doesn't work or how we could somehow do better at the things we are not good at. But there is a formula for success that awakens the doer in you - 'get off your ass'," says Kaja Porsch.

In her lively, wake-up lecture, the successful entrepreneur points out that you cannot change the circumstances and people you have to deal with. But you are very much in a position to make something out of them. "This includes immediately stopping blaming and complaining. Accept the situation, embrace it and change your life - take charge in your life or business!" the charming 5 star speaker urges. Our actions, our desired success and yes, our entire lives are significantly influenced by inner attitudes and beliefs. It is up to us and the power of our thoughts. With this motivational talk, 5 star speaker Katja Prosch encourages us to set our mindset to "doer" and to get the success that everyone deserves.

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