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An interactive workshop-presentation with Priti Coles

Develop professional, performance-polish for all your communication. Discover your own vocal potential and experience a taste of what it means to get present and connected. In a non-challenging, informal situation you will practice simple body, breath and voice exercises and gain insight into performer´s secrets. This is a unique opportunity to not only gain individual charisma, vocal presence and authenticity but to experience a sense of well being.

Priti Coles’ lively approach really coaxes people to join in. Her mellifluous, English-native, speaking voice is warm and inviting; her stage-presence superb. This lecture of Global Top Speaker Priti Coles is a refreshing, new look at voice, speech and communication. Take it from a true trouper: Be seen, be heard, be real!


  • Performer´s know how for speaking and presentation
  • Simple movement, breath and voice exercises
  • Finding more presence or charisma in a few easy steps
  • How to grab your audience by being more inspiring


  • Discover your own vocal potential
  • Experience a taste of what it means to get present and connected
  • Gain insight into performer’s secrets for delivering your message
  • Come away with a sense of aliveness and well being

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