Being Aladdin – "Your Wish is My Command"

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How to train your mind and achieve your goals in business and life 

Most of us grew up on the fantastic story of Aladdin and the Genie repeating the powerful words “Your wish is my command”.

As kids everything looks possible and we dream, fantasize, vision and wish 24/7 - however, as we grow older, we drift away from our dreams and aspirations to a point we forget they ever existed and we fall into the life of daily routine while the years pass by...

Many people are feeling stuck in verity of aspects while being certain there is nothing they can do to change their situation and reality as they will never become truly successful, wealthier, healthier and happier– Well, it is not true, as there is a way and I share with you the map and show you the path!     

The essence of the Aladdin fairytale as I see it, is about aspiring, wishing and reaching your goals since actually - there is no limit to the power of your mind to do and achieve whatever you desire for but:

Are these life changing philosophies truly work? How can you train your mind and achieve your goals? Can you improve and transform your life to be exactly how you aspire them to be? Are these theory and tools working for everybody? So, when and how do I start?

In her empowering & inspiring lecture based on her “Mount Everest Philosophy & Tool Kit”  Sigal Weisswasser talks to everyone who wishes to improve and rise life to new levels with Simple, Concrete, Clear, Straight forward and Workable refreshing perspectives, philosophies and tools for goals achieving in business and life.


  • Searching for your Genie
  • Flying lessons for grown-up people
  • Do you think you are in power or control? Try again...
  • Defining YOUR mountain top – and reach it
  • Overcoming Ups and Downs
  • Dancing tango with negativity
  • Creating something out of nothing
  • How to spell passion
  • The Sign language for success you refuse to see
  • Why do people fail
  • The path to success and happiness everyone should walk in
  • And more...   

“You need to dare, aspire and proactively do what others won`t - to achieve and have what others don`t”

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