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In his visually stunning presentation, extreme runner, adventurer and motivational expert Norman Buecher illustrates how to realise an ambitious vision using his successful race “Run to the Rock” as an example. It is about the boundaries between the known and the unknown, the reliable comfort zone and the new terrain of an extreme challenge. In an informative, entertaining and exciting manner, the Global Topspeaker demonstrates the common ground of adventure & extreme sports and professional life and the transfer from one to the other.

Norman Buecher ran 1120 kilometres through one of the loneliest areas on earth – the Australian Outback. This distance equals the trip from the German island of Rügen to the city of Freiburg – i.e. going all across Germany. Within 15 days. That makes two marathons a day. Through heat, sand and under extremely difficult conditions. What’s the secret behind such a peak performance? And even more important, how can employees and executives in corporations benefit from these experiences?

Using the example of his successful Australian expedition, extreme runner and Global Topspeaker Norman Buecher presents the realisation of a big goal. There are five factors of success that got the extreme athlete through the outback and to the Ayers Rock: a visionary goal, a definite motive, his imagination, one hundred percent focus and high resilience.

Learn how you and your teams can push and expand limits further and further still, and how to realise your visions.

Contents of the presentation:

•Goals: the basis for peak performance

•Motives: the question of „why“ is crucial

•Imagination: what we can imagine, we can achieve

•Focus: every step counts

•Resilience: how to emerge from a crisis or defeat stronger than before

•Overcome your weaker inner self

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