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Buzzword or business? Understanding metaverse, shaping the future.

Lecture by
Collin Croome

Buzzword or business? Understanding metaverse, shaping the future.

Lecture contents

  • What is the Metaverse and what is possible with VR & AR?
  • How can modern companies already use the Metaverse for themselves?
  • Why should decision-makers engage with the metaverse today?

Buzzword or business? Understanding metaverse, shaping the future.

The metaverse is the next evolutionary stage of the internet, where the virtual and physical worlds are increasingly merging. It enables companies to bring their brand, products and services to life for customers and build a closer bond with them. Web3 technologies such as blockchain as well as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) make it possible to design internal processes more efficiently and sustainably, to optimise cooperation within the organisation and to position itself externally as a modern and innovative company.

So it is far more than just a buzzword. In Silicon Valley, it is traded as the "Next Big Thing" - in the expectation that it will soon be as important as the invention of the internet, the smartphone or social media.

Even though the metaverse is still new, it is already important for companies and decision-makers not only to passively observe the rapid development, but to actively engage with it. Orienting oneself today and, above all, gaining experience oneself provides an important knowledge advantage before the metaverse becomes mainstream in a few years.

Collin Croome is a proven Metaverse expert, has already been a guest on ProSieben & Sat.1 on this topic and is the author of one of the first Metaverse business books, which will be published in August 2022.

In his exciting and visually powerful lecture, the keynote speaker gives fascinating insights into the possibilities and opportunities of the Metaverse. With the help of many vivid and impressive examples, the audience realises what the Metaverse is, how quickly it is developing and how naturally it will soon be integrated into our everyday business and private lives.

No matter whether you are a corporation, a medium-sized business, a service provider or a brand. Whether B2B or B2C. Whether you are a knowledge broker or a mechanical engineering company. Collin Croome shows what is already possible today and ventures an outlook into the next 5-10 years.

Understand the Metaverse now and shape the future of your industry!

Join Metaverse expert Collin Croome on a journey into the future that will soon be reality and learn how you can make sense of the Metaverse for your company.

The expert will be happy to adapt his Metaverse lecture to your industry as well as to the needs of your participants and target group.

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