CLEAR WORDS – STRONG TEAMS: Clarity makes a team successful

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Stefanie Voss

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CLEAR WORDS – STRONG TEAMS: Clarity makes a team successful

CLEAR WORDS – STRONG TEAMS: Clarity makes a team successful

Phrases like "that was an awesome sales pitch!" or "working with you has been really great!" are, of course, very nice to hear. But do we find in them the useful feedback we need?  "Sure we do!" says the conventional wisdom. "Not true!" says Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss.

Being a communications expert and a circumnavigator, she helps clear the decks on this subject. In this lecture Stefanie Voss tackles many preconceived notions around the communication culture of successful teams. Harmony is certainly a good thing, but teams need more to move further. Openness and clarity, along with the conscious (and often difficult) exchange of different points of view, are bedrock of real success stories, and those can only be achieved with clear, to-the-point language at all levels.

Global Topspeaker and business expert Stefanie Voss vividly and clearly explains how one promotes the lively exchange of views and constructively manages conflicts, drawing not only on experience from her professional life, but also on the teamwork needed in a transoceanic sailing team. The audience will be actively involved in the presentation and can check their own behavior patterns directly, with multiple opportunities for immediate improvement.

A lively, instructive, entertaining, and above all inspiring lecture on successful conflict management and the power of clear communication, geared toward all occupational groups. The numerous tips and easily implemented suggestions will have an immediate positive impact on one’s own communication behavior.

Contents of the presentation:

  • A strong team lives for and loves open debate
  • He who speaks hears little that’s new
  • What conflicts are good for, and why plain speech need not be hurtful
  • Why compliments have nothing to do with feedback
  • Thinking ahead yet? Discover Feedforward
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