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Currently, disruption is probably the most important buzzword to be heard in the Silicon Valley. In his presentation, Stefan Jenzowsky, expert on business model innovation and digital disruption, explains what it is all about. How will your business model be destroyed? And what will replace it in the future? – Only those who consistently question their own business model will also be successful in the future and will be one step ahead of their competitors.

The Global Topspeaker takes you along on a journey to the near future and into the world of creative disruption and venture capital – as investors particularly like to invest in disruptive business models. Jenzowsky illustrates how disruption works in practice and indicates the main trends and driving forces: artificial intelligence and decision logics will change numerous professions, making some of them superfluous even. Digitisation lowers entry barriers and eliminates information symmetries, thus granting a multitude of small companies the opportunity to attack the core of your business model. The internet platform AirBnB, for instance, lets more rooms than all of the largest hotel chains combined and has never built a hotel of its own. In many cities, the Uber app nowadays dominates the market for transport services but does not own a single taxi. Young start-ups replace existing business models and are successful in less time than ever before. From his stays in the Silicon Valley, Stefan Jenzowsky knows that the thought pattern prevailing there pays off. Financial backers invest billions, “While in Germany, an evolutionary way of thinking predominates, the U.S. think in a revolutionary way“, says Jenzowsky and wants to trigger a process of rethinking.

But which business models and developments will determine our life in the future? In his trendsetting presentation, Stefan Jenzowsky provides glimpses into the year 2025, where cars will no longer have a steering wheel, the family doctor will be replaced by an algorithm and almost everything will be delivered by drone. He demonstrates which professions will no longer exist and which industries will be affected by these developments in the future. And furthermore, Jenzowsky outlines ways to protect one’s business against such impacts.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Creative disruption – How the disruption of business models works in practice
  • Revolution – How the thought pattern of the Silicon Valley wins the day
  • Billions of investment – What kind of business ideas are the investors interested in
  • Trends and topics in 2025 – What kind of developments will succeed
  • Rethinking and preventing – How do I protect my business from creative disruption

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