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Individual and immediately available – in the coming years, the customer’s demands on products and services will increase. In order to still be able to meet these requirements in the future, companies and industries will have to rethink their position and enter into an active dialogue. In this context, Amazon’s electronic assistant „Alexa“ is the best example. But this is “only” the present. In his fascinating lecture on customer dialogue, Global Top-speaker and futurologist Michael Carl takes his audience to the year 2030 and demonstrates how tomorrow’s customers will be ticking and how we can reach them more purposefully and personally with the help of new technologies.

Being the founder of the futurologist institut carl institute for human future, the experienced strategy expert is well aware that with digitisation also comes individualisation: The internet offers us a seemingly bottomless variety of opportunities from which we can pick precisely what we fancy at this particular moment. For what we know from the internet, we also expect in real life, after all – be it in our private everyday life or at work. Thanks to a cloud, Amazon‘s „Alexa“ with its artificial intelligence is updated continuously. That way, it increases its knowledge with every dialogue with the customer. “The one customer with standardised needs, expectations and communication behaviour has long been fiction“, explains Michael Carl.

In his presentation, the experienced lecturer and keynote speaker talks about the end of standardised products. By the end of the year 2030, products will instead prevail in the market that are literally tailored to the individual needs of the customer: Nowadays, fashion companies are already in the process of testing 3D body scans to offer their customers perfectly tailored clothing. Every surface will become a platform for dialogue: windows, walls, tables, even the bathroom mirror will no longer be as we know it. It will cater to our individual needs and interests and provide us with advertising and information according to our interests. With business and everyday life in mind, futurologist Michael Carl also illus-trates how new technologies such as 3D printing will change development and production.

But how can I, as a company, get to know about the requirements of my customers? Here too, new technologies will be applied in the future by which the corresponding information can be retrieved from vast amounts of data. So, Michael Carl explains, how companies can thus detect what the customers want before they even ask for it: „In the dialogue with the customer, communication will become the central focal point. The applies to the B2C sector just as well as to the B2B sector.“ For despite technology-supported and automated com-munication tools, the dialogue with the customer will get more personal, more trusting and more individual.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Customer needs: What is important to tomorrow’s customers
  • Individuality: Why products and services become ever more personalised
  • Communication: How customers can best be reached in 2030
  • New technologies: How the needs of the customers can be evaluated by means of big data

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