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Trend researcher Sven Gabor Janszky will explain why we will want to release our personal data and why current debates about the security of data privacy are a relic from old times.

We experience a radical change of paradigm in the data privacy issues – so Janszky is convinced. His thesis: citizens want to release their data- and will do so in future on a daily basis because we are already in a digital age. Everyone is constantly connected. Thereby every information, every piece of music, every movie, every commercial is permanently available. Anarchy of supply has arisen, an information overload that permanently surrounds us.

Analyze in this presentation together with Sven Gabor Janszky our networked present and take an exciting look in the not too far future: We will have learned that we can only filter information for our lives usefully if we release our private data and let it be analyzed by intelligent data. This lifestyle is already lived today by many people: if you use Google or payback, if you roam in internet communities and if you are happy that instead of pointless scattered advertising you receive specially tailored-to-your-needs advertisements … data privacy of the future to Sven Gabor Janszky means that the citizen can look at, change or delete the saved data.

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