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Hardly any sector of private, social and economic life can do without computer-aided technology. Increasing digitization, however, generates scepticism – in particular among the older generation. Many people feel they are competing with computer technology. A competition, people can only lose in the long run. In his presentation, entrepreneur and Global Topspeaker Sven Enger addresses executives, decision-makers in society, politics and business as well as workforces in enterprises and manufacturing companies alike. Based on common and animated examples, the charismatic keynote speaker demonstrates that digitization is to be regarded as support for upcoming challenges.

For more than 10 years, Sven Enger worked internationally in various management boards. Being born in the year 1965, he grew up with traditional thought patterns but in the course of his career had to deal intensively with processes provoked by but also resulting from digitization. He sees himself as a joint between the older generations and generation Y. During his work as an executive, Sven Enger focused on new technologies in conjunction with society.

The former top manager considers his highly topical and revealing presentation as a wake-up call. Sven Enger answers the question of why the technical evolution in no way represents the end of society and demonstrates how it contributes to the gain and benefit of companies but of every human being as well.

Content of the presentation: ·        

  • What is impact of digitization on society?
  • Does individualisation represent the end of the community?
  • How will the digital change happen?
  • What are the possible opportunities for economy and society?
  • Digitization provides solutions to inevitable tasks.

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