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There is one place in the world that by now determines our life and work like no other: The Silicon Valley. At a breakneck speed, it pushes its innovations and its spirit of disruption into the whole world. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many of the world’s leading companies from Google and Apple to Amazon and Facebook and on to Tesla, Uber and Arbnb are located in the Silicon Valley. 

With his presentation, Sven Gabor Janszky brings the spirit of the Silicon Valley into your company. He is in the position to do this like no other as he also actively lives this spirit at home in Germany. He remodeled his company 2b AHEAD ThinkTank - the largest future institute in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - and now it looks like the incubators in the Silicon Valley. He abolished German rules. The futurologists at his institute think and act in Silicon Valley mode: They pitch their ideas, they structure their work in two-week sprints, they challenge themselves in “moonshop thinking” and meet for hackathons in hacker spaces. Gabor Janszky not only is Europe’s most thought-after futurologist, he also is a business hacker. Because those who live the Silicon Valley spirit see themselves as hackers at their best: As innovators that improve the world by destroying outdated rules and replacing them by better ones.

Trend researcher and keynote speaker Sven Gabor Janszky knows the Silicon Valley and its innovative heads close up. For many years, he has been traveling from company to company. He meets the founders, CEOs, technology experts, strategy bosses and innovative heads in person. For his studies of the future, the trend researcher gets together with founders of ambitious startups, powerful investors at Sand-Hill-Road and interesting professors at Stanford University in San Francisco. He frequently visits the most important startup incubators, such as Y Combinator, 500 Startups or Plug and Play. However, the Silicon Valley spirit is more than an accumulation of intelligent students, rich investors and innovative global corporations. The true power of the Silicon Valley originates from a unique cultural symbiosis: The likable „We-will-change-the-world“ megalomania of hippiedom and the fast-paced innovative power of technology.

Visitors can sense this spirit in the Silicon Valley, but they will not be able understand it. This is why Sven Gabor Janszky not only observes but he is also friends with the Valley’s protagonists and even celebrates with them. When the entire Silicon Valley moves to the Nevada desert for the annual „Burning Man Festival“ in August, Sven Gabor Janszky is part of the show, too. At this „modern-age Woodstock“, the tech elite celebrate their own utopia in the dust of the salt desert: A world where nothing can be bought but everything is given freely. Sven Gabor Janszky says: „Those who have never been to the Burning Man cannot understand the Silicon Valley!“ By means of his network, he looks for and finds promising founders in the Silicon Valley before they become famous. He invests his own money in them before the major venture funds become aware of them.

In his keynote, futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky introduces you to the strategies and methods of the Silicon Valley. But most of all, he lets you immerse yourself in the kind of spirit, without which you could never understand the true innovative power of the Silicon Valley.

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