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Fehlerkultur & Entscheidung

Mit offener Fehlerkultur zum Gamechanger! Unsere Vortragsredner zum Thema "Fehlerkultur" und "Fehlerkultur im Unternehmen" liefern Ihnen wertvolle Impulse, wie Sie eine moderne Fehlerkultur in Ihrem Unternehmen implementieren. Denn eine offene und aktive Fehlerkultur ermöglicht Agilität und Innovation.

Lassen Sie sich auf das Umdenken der Fehlerkultur ein und unterstützen Sie mit unseren Vorträgen Mitarbeitende dabei, Fehler zu machen und aus Fehlern zu lernen.

Wenn Sie einen Redner buchen möchten, rufen Sie uns an oder schreiben Sie uns eine E-Mail!

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Perfectionism – is it good or bad?

As an internationally successful professional speaker and coach Stefanie Voss likes to have things organized perfectly. It simply reduces the hassle of unexpected surprises. So when planning her video shooting days for her (German only) YouTube channel and videoblog www.leader-on-my-ship.com, she has everything…

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Still ruling or making agreements already?

Everybody knows the saying: Rules are made to be broken. But is setting up rules even wise, then? And what about self-imposed rules? Are they also meant to be broken?

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Difficult relationships need messages of this specific kind

Global keynote speaker, business coach and workshop facilitator Stefanie Voss is often hired to take on team building assignments in large corporations. Regularly, she accompanies these teams over a number of years, conducting workshops on communications issues, collaboration procedures and process questions.

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How to set goals you will actually follow up on and achieve

Stefanie Voss is an international keynote speaker on leadership topics, focusing specifically on VUCA and ambiguity. Recently, she held a speech on „Dealing with Ambiguity“. In her speech, she covered multiple aspects around self-leadership and leading teams, how to best communicate and collaborate in an insecure,…

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Event organisation: 6 tips for a successful event

For more than 10 years, Global Topspeaker mediates speakers, moderators and trainers and has gained a lot of experience around events and has successfully co-organized numerous events. Therefore, we are often asked: What is important when planning trade fairs, congresses, and corporate events? That is why the Global…

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Opportunities of the Corona Crisis: Lecture from the Home Office to the USA

Give a lecture in the U.S. from your home office in Germany? No problem for Global Topspeaker Boris Nikolai Konrad. Actually he should have flown to the U.S. for the award ceremony of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and inspired the audience there with his exciting lecture about memory. The Corona crisis has put a…

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Change for the ears: Audio books by Ilja Grzeskowitz on Spotify

Change expert Ilja Grzeskowitz not only provides inspiration on the subject of change in his motivational lectures. In his books he brings his ideas, messages, and opinions closer to a broad public. Meanwhile, five of his books are available as audio books on Spotify and thus offer the perfect opportunity for exciting…

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New 2b AHEAD Trend Study: Human Digital Teams

Artificial Intelligence will not take jobs away from us, rather it will take monotonous tasks from us. The latest trend study by the 2b AHEAD Think Tank, the futurology institute of our Global Topspeaker and futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky, shows what influence AI will have on the cooperation between man and machine…

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Positive thoughts & resilience: Richard de Hoop on dealing with crises

Setbacks and crises always come unexpectedly. It helps to act resiliently in this very moment. Because resilience becomes an airbag in crises! The Global Topspeaker and resilience expert Richard de Hoop talks about this in his latest video. Richard de Hoop talks there about the probably worst time of his life, how he…

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Online lectures as alternative events during the Corona crisis

Long planned events have to be cancelled, the fear of the future among employees is increasing and the uncertain health situation is causing companies to falter. However, it is precisely in these uncertain times, triggered by the corona virus, that the right impulses from outside can make a significant contribution to…

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