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Reaching great heights with the 7 SUMMITS® Strategy

Make the most of this extreme mountaineer’s success strategies and reach your personal summit. The motivation expert and vitality and personality coach, the personal trainer and mountaineer knows the tricks that are needed to get to greater heights.

Steve Kroeger is an authentic and extraordinary speaker that will introduce you to a step-by-step process that will allow you to unfold your outright potential and get you to where you want to be. His inspiring talk draws parallels between personal bests at work and the challenges you face when on international expeditions to the highest summits on our planet. Learn how to make fear a competent partner, how to turn setbacks into sources of energy and call upon personal bests in both sport and your job when you need to.

Presentation content:

  • Your personal summit: This is how you identify goals worth fighting for
  • Support team: How to find the right partners for your high-performance career network
  • Decision-making ability as a success factor: How to make important decisions quickly and effectively
  • The best way to encounter fear: This is how you turn fear into sources of energy
  • The best strategy for turning setbacks into personal success
  • Concentrating on the essentials
  • Learn how to call upon your personal best when you need to!
  • After the summit is before the summit: This is how to stay motivated long-term!

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